Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 7 progress report

I received the sample of my Part 1: the Shanghai Pictures last week.
But the color was off, most of the photographs in there were too red.
I will get another sample together with Part 2 when I finish it.

This was the third week for me to work on shooting photos for Part 2: the Cultural Revolution Photos, and I was planning to shoot outside. However, the weather this weekend was so bad, it was snowing on Saturday and really dark on Sunday, so I didn't go take any more photos. Instead, I was producing the negatives from last week and in the process of scanning them. Some of them came out really good, but they still hadn't reached the quality and quantity I was hoping for (30 finished photos for each section). So I will keep shooting next week, I hope the weather is nicer.

I used the new camera to take more sample photos. It seemed like that line from last photo on the wall was actually from the camera. I need to figure out how to clean the dust before loading the films.


  1. I think that your project will be great.
    The three sequences you have in the books will have variety and depth, especially relating to your topic. I would also give yourself some time to think about what the book/artist statement in each will be

  2. Please show us the negatives if you have not already so that we can figure this out. There could be dirt and debris in the film holder or it may leak. We acquired a bunch of new film holders you could also try. There is an anti-static brush you should use to clean the film holder before ou load it. You must be meticulous!