Sunday, February 7, 2010

This is art, and you are not

The documentary about Nomi reminded me a lot of figures such as Lady Gaga, Edward Scissorhands, etc. I wonder if people from that period of time see Klaus Nomi the same as we see Lady Gaga today. I can find a lot of similar Nomi elements from Lady Gaga’s music videos.

Their cartoonish looks make them look unreal, but I understand that some people use makeup to hide what they really feel, for instance, clowns use makeup to create a generic happy character but they creep me out every time I see them.

What do you need to get famous? This was the question I have been thinking about ever since I saw Lady Gaga’s picture on the internet for the first time. Lady Gaga could sing well, there are a lot of people who can sing, but not all of them can be as well known as she is. Quality of singing is only one of the basic elements required to be a famous singer. One of the fastest ways to get public attention is by creating an outstanding different look. Both Nomi and Lady Gaga have the bizarre makeup and dream like movements and modern dance. Their unique entertainment eventually brought them fame. If you want to get famous, the earlier, the better, no matter what it takes, because the older you get, your opportunity decreases. There are a lot of artists working on a subject for their entire lives, but they didn’t get famous until they reached their 80s. I respect them, but I don’t think I would be that confident to keep doing something that doesn’t pay you back for 40 years.

Fame can make you do so many things you normally wouldn’t do. Nomi was so afraid of losing his voice, he abandoned his friends, and he didn’t trust anyone any more. Nomi started to get shots for his voice in the middle of the concert, because his voice was the only thing he could control at that time of his life. He was no longer that normal “German exchange student” who loved opera and came to New York City, so excited about his future.

Fame comes at a price, but not everyone can afford it.

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  1. Lady Gaga has many more strands of pop culture imagery to weave into his/her image tapestry. Can icons and symbols be used to create a persona for each and every?