Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week 5 Progress Report

Book I:
I finished the book and ordered a copy last week just to see how it comes out, there might be some changes due to the printing quality.

Book II:
I started the second part of my photo series this week, I finished producing 10 photos. I will show some of them in class on Tuesday.

I had another idea about my project last week, which will be the third part of my project. After showing my work to several artists for critique, I realized that I need to expand the project so it will not be that educational. So my Book III will be about the present time (Book I was about 1930 Shanghai and Book II is about the Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976), and it will not be self-portraits any more, I will take photographs  of other Chinese UNDERGRADUATE students studying in America. I am trying to get money so I could take photos of Strangers in other cities like New York City and San Francisco, because I really want to interview people I don't know and to see if they have the similar experience like mine. According to plan, I will ask for volunteers so I can stay with them for the weekend, and see how much I could know them in 2 days. I will also change the media too, I used 4x5 view camera and cyanotype printing technique for the first part of the project, I am printing black and white photos for my second part, I will print colors for the third part, I might even use a digital camera.

I'm really excited about the third part and I can't wait to go to that step. 


  1. You are pushing your idea further. The cultural revolution image is strong. Keep pushing!

  2. It is interesting that you are considering using color/ digital photography for the third book.

    In the context of the entire series this would have obvious undertones of the technological innovations occurring in post-revolution China.

    Your work with the 4x 5 view camera is incredible and I would love to see what your digital work looks like. Good luck.

  3. Yes...Good luck selling your book! Well, that's what I think you meant by making money to travel. Did you mean that you are planning on publishing these three books in large quantities? If you are, that might mean a large investment of money.

    As for printing in color, I think that it might make for a more interesting book...but, only when compared to the other books. Are you planning on combining the three books into one publication...with three sections or three separate publications?