Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week 6 Progress Report

I shot 20 photographs last week and I'm still in the process of producing them out. Hopefully I will finish them by Monday.

So I bought this camera last week, it was like the new polariod, and I was thinking about using it for my third part of my project.
I'm still debating if I should use a regular digital camera or try this new product, so I made a sample:
I know there are a lot of dots need to be photoshoped, but this is only a sample to compare with the digital camera I used.
I used a Nikon D40x and took this photo at the same spot. (I had it at the same spot but she didn't like that one and asked me not to post that one on my it is a little different but the lighting was the same, the "polariod" forced to use flash.)
I'm still debating...the good part is I do not need to make a decision right now.


  1. I have always liked the aesthetic of the polaroid so I will have to say that I think you should do the polaroids. Just remember that if you decide to go with the polaroids though, you will have to stick to a certain visual sensibility that comes with the medium. Taking digital photos will enable your final product to be open to many different "looks", whatever your choice may be in the end.

  2. I agree with Ali. The digital camera I suppose is more versatile, but the look of the polaroids I think is more interesting. You just have to figure out which look is more related to your project as a whole.

  3. Using current consumer technology will add an immediacy to the photographs that you may need. You can also show them to the person as you go. It is portable. Direct. The advantage of using the DSLR would be that your large files could be made into big color prints. In contrast, you could install a big grid of all the Fujiroids you make with the Fujifilm camera. Do a few more tests and you will know what is right.

  4. Johnie says shoot with both to ensure you get something.