Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time can do a lot of things to a woman...

I never really enjoy performance art, but I love Laurie Anderson’s shows. They are passionate, inspirational, creative, and powerful. She rocks! I think she is more of an artist than Buckminster Fuller.

Laurie Anderson is anti-technology, which is another reason why I love her, even though she uses quite a lot of instruments and modern lighting in her shows. “Computer is the end of human contact,” she says. I totally agree. I still write letters by hand, I keep a diary, I switched to email and blog only for convenience sake, but I can totally live without my computer and cell phone.

Whenever I try to get away from these modern communication tools, the world seems so quiet, and of course I get tons of complaints about how people cannot get a hold of me. I have a facebook account, only because it is easier to find people than email since some check their facebook more than their email. I do not use twitter, I am no celebrity and I do not need twitter to update my fans. I have a blog, but I only write about what I did that day just as a record for myself. I’m sure nobody will be interested in how many pages of reading I finished that afternoon and how many cups of coffee I drank that day.

The Internet is a new way of communicating. People skype instead of using the phone – I just saw a girl talking to her computer in the café yesterday which is still kind of weird to me – it is cheaper, and people do not need to fly across half of the world to have a business meeting any more. The technology makes some of our lives easier, and lazier.

It is easier to be lazier.

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  1. Video conferencing is some kind of time travel. Will we think we know when we don't?