Sunday, January 10, 2010

Reflection to Fat Possum

I’ve been to several underground bands’ concerts and 80% of them were better than what we usually hear. The Hill Country Bluesmen in Mississippi were certainly one of those. Most of them had never left the small town which kept the originality of their music. They have their own unique style of music and they never think about changing. There was no outside influence by other musicians, again, because they never left the town. They enjoy their time and are content with a simple life. Many in the town were getting old and sick, they live in shacks, they smoke, they use guns to fight, and they are proud to be like that.

Money seems like it would be an issue but they never think so. Life is good enough with just a guitar. They are proud to not have toured and they’d rather believe their music is an entertainment to themselves than other people.

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  1. Did their contentment get squashed when Johnson came along?