Monday, March 1, 2010

Mentor Report: Nikki S. Lee

One of the most amazing part about Nikki S. Lee that I forgot to mention in my presentation is that she does not only adopt dress codes and behaviors of those social groups, she even observes them and then decides if she should gain or lost weight for her next project.

Nikki S. Lee's works are usually compared to:
William Gedney
Cindy Sherman
Adrian Piper

Tseng Kwong Chi

Nikki S. Lee's Works

A.K.A. Nikki S. Lee

- Nikki S. Lee, Projects,2001
- Russell Ferguson, Let’s be Nikki
- Vicario Gibert, Conversation with Nikki S. Lee
- Susan Chevlowe, The Jewish identity Project,2006
- Nikki S. Lee, Parts,2005
- RoseLee Goldberg, Only Part of the Story, 2005
- William L. Hamilton, Shopping with Nikki S. Lee, New York Times, Dec 2, 2001
- Holland Cotter, Nikki S. Lee, New York Times, Sep 10, 1999
- Projects at the Museum of Contemporary Photography
- Ben Davis: Cultural Karaoke, Artnet Magazine
- Assumed identities: Nikki S Lee Photographs, The Cleverland Museum of Art Exhibition Feature

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  1. Her engagement with communities is a major shift from the historic examples you present.